I help freelance designers to Achieve a Healthy Life-work balance

Without sacrificing their income.

By helping them to realise;

You are not actually a freelancer. You're a CEO.

And you need to start acting like it.

How It Works

I help freelance designers to step into the role of CEO. My signature A.D.D.S method allows you to get specific on what will move you closer to your goals - on your terms - and I'll teach you the strategies to create a successful freelance business, without the burnout.


If there's one thing that leads to burnout more than anything else, it's trying to do All. The. Things. Starting with an in depth audit allows us to figure out what's working and how to maximise its impact. Plus, we identify what you can afford to stop doing.

The audit gives you the visibility you need to make decisions with confidence.


Being on every social media platform and offering a ton of services doesn't lead to better results. It's time to decide what has the most impact and what is contributing to your goals (both personal and business) and where you should be focussing your attention.

Removing things from your to-do list that aren't serving you can lift a weight from your mind and give you hours back in the day.


Freelancing is a business, but most freelance designers I encounter don't treat it as such. They don't delegate and they try and do everything themselves.

Delegating could mean getting someone else on board, but in many cases it's about delegating to technology. Automating your workload to free up your time.


Chances are, there's things that you do over and over in your business. And if you're doing the same thing more than once, you're simply wasting time.

Creating assets like workflows, templates, scripts and videos allows you to make sure that your business is running on point, plus saving you valuable hours in the day. My philosophy - set it up once and it's done.

Simply put, it's freelancing, simplified.


Here's what some recent Clients had to say about working together;


'The overwhelm is starting to melt away.'

I found the programme very straightforward and extremely personalised. I really enjoyed it, and have already started implementing some of Vicki's tips, and the overwhelm is starting to melt away. Vicki really took the time to get to know my business, with all of its intricacies, which I think is really commendable considering I sent her a long business plan and a pitch deck before our meeting. I was impressed by her ability to come up with solutions to my problems quickly and explain them in a way that didn't make me feel stupid or overwhelmed.


'I would recommend Vicki any day!'

Vicki is simply amazing. Her commitment and level of expertise is exceptional. Getting the opportunity to work with her has been a blessing. Not only does she respond to the issues raised from my point of view, but she also goes the extra mile to provide additional support / advice which has been extremely beneficial. I would recommend Vicki any day!!!!

A straight 5/5 score for her👍


'I know what I need to do next now, after being clueless beforehand!'

I highly recommend Vicki. From the information on the website to arranging our initial call, it’s been so easy and efficient (very important to me). I was incredibly nervous about sharing my idea but I really didn’t need to be. Vicki was so prepared, she came with quality suggestions and advice and I couldn’t have asked for more. The follow up notes are clear and exactly what we discussed. I know what I need to do next now, after being clueless beforehand! Thank you Vicki. I look forward to working with you again.

Hi, I'm Vicki

And I know a thing or two about being burned out, stressed out and on the verge of quitting.....and how to overcome it too.

In 2016, I launched my freelance business, hoping to take the 12 years of corporate experience I had and turn it into a business that would give me the work-life balance I dreamed of.

At the start, there was a lot of struggle, being treated badly by Clients, earning below minimum wage and working more than I ever had before. Just as I was reaching breaking point, I made a last ditch attempt at saving my business and turned to my strategic training as a fashion buyer. The rest as they say, is history.

When I changed my thinking, became the CEO I needed to be and started thinking strategically, logically and with a desired return on investment in mind, everything changed.

Within 1 short year I went from stressed out and constantly worrying about money, to enjoying life, working less and having financial security.

And that's why I set up Freelancing Simplified. Because working smarter, not harder will give you the freedom freelancers crave.

I've been seen IN


Get tips and ideas for how to run your freelance business in a way that works for you.



Over the years, I've turned my business into an organised, systemised, automated machine that generates leads while I sleep. And I want that for you.

I couldn't achieve work-life balance without tools, so I'm sharing what those are in my free freelancer guide.


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